Umpqua River Exploration

Oregon is fabulous for a variety of reasons. Last time we talked about some of the beautiful lighthouses and previously touched on the dunes. This time we thought we’d mention one of the nearby fun activities. If you love freshwater escapades, then while you’re staying at Bay Point Landing, an Umpqua River exploration is definitely an adventure to try!

Exploring Umpqua River History

The Umpqua River is about 111 miles long and is one of the major rivers in Oregon. Several bands of Native Americans have lived in the Umpqua River Valley. The name of the river is derived from a Native American name for a place that was on the river itself, the rapids. Umpqua meant Thundering Water and this name is certainly appropriate to the rapids area.

Things to Do Along Umpqua


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There are a host of things to do along this river. The Rogue-Umpqua Scenic Byway runs parallel to the river for much of its length and offers up a number of trails, waterfalls, and picnic sites. You could quite easily spend a day hiking different trails.

If you fancy yourself a fisherman, you can’t go wrong hitting up the North Umpqua for steelhead and salmon. If you just would like to watch them during the seasonal run, you can do that near the Winchester Dam. If you’re a daring sort you can raft down the river and experience its rapids that run from range II to V.


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Umpqua River Exploration | Bay Point Landing



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