The Oregon Dunes – Untamed and Undeveloped

There can be a sameness to this artificial landscape and while that is great if you’re trying to have predictability and cohesiveness, that doesn’t make for a real adventure and isn’t a real adventure what you want your vacation to be?

Predictability, sameness, tamed, and developed… these are the terms that you associate with everyday life. When staying at Bay Point Landing, near the Oregon dunes, you have the chance for real adventure in areas that are untamed and undeveloped!


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Oregon Dunes

Explore the wild dunes out on the Oregon Coast where you can find 40 miles of coastal dunes rising to 500 feet and extending 2.5 miles inland. Here you can make real outdoors experience. Go off road with an ATV, hike, camp, or go horseback riding.

In the Dunes region, you can even be an amphibious explorer with all the lakes, ponds, and streams. You’ve heard of skateboarding and snowboarding, but how about sandboarding? You’ll find it thrilling for the whole family. Beginners can even keep to the bunny slopes until they’ve become experts. See an example of what sandboarding can look like in the image here.


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The Oregon Dunes- Untamed and Undeveloped | Bay Point Landing



Undeveloped Beaches

Where the land ends, your adventure begins. The Pacific Coastline is an amazing place for some adventures. On the undeveloped coast you could sit and reflect as you watch the tide roll in. How about a romantic evening on the beach with just you and that special someone?

Maybe you just want to do some beach-combing, surfing, whale watching, or clamming. Anything your mind can conjure up is possible.

About Bay Point Landing

At Bay Point Landing, close to the Oregon Dunes, you’ll enjoy a memorable view of the Coos River. On this environmentally-friendly property, experience state-of-the-art buildings and amenities such as a heated swimming pool, kids playhouse, well-being center, and events center. Secure your place at