Oregon Dunes

The great thing about living, or visiting, the Pacific Northwest is that we usually don’t get all that pesky snow and cold weather much of the U.S. seems to insist on having. So, when you’re staying at Bay Point Landing Luxury RV Resort you can avoid bringing tons of cold weather clothing and feeling like you’ll be trapped inside with nothing to do. Instead, you can go hiking at Oregon Dunes.

Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area


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The Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area is one of the largest expanses of temperate coastal sand dunes in the world. The science of the dunes is quite interesting if that’s really your thing, but it is certainly a bit dense of a subject to discuss here. Rather, let’s focus on the important part, how much you can enjoy exploring them.

What you’ll see

Near the beach you’ll find European Beach grass on some of the foredunes. As you move inland you might find hummocks of sand and vegetation that are surrounded by water (especially in the winter). You might even find some tree islands. These are small isolated remnants of older coastal forests.


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Oregon Dunes | Bay Point Landing Luxury RV Resort



Many of the things you see here are hauntingly beautiful as you take in the stark, mist-shrouded view. The area is home to some types of vegetation and animals you can’t find anywhere else. When you’re there, you can feel free to visit their Visitor’s Center that is about the midpoint of the Dunes. They have maps, brochures, exhibits, and more.

About Bay Point Landing Luxury RV Resort

At Bay Point Landing Luxury RV Resort, you’ll enjoy an unbeatable view of the Coos River and nearness to the Oregon Dunes. On this environmentally-friendly property, you’ll find state-of-the-art amenities such as a heated swimming pool, kids playhouse, well-being center, and events center. Secure your place at http://www.baypointlanding.com/.