King Tides

When you’re staying with us here at the Bay Point Landing Luxury RV Resort in January, you’ve the opportunity to see something exciting, but also somewhat disturbing. We’re talking about the Oregon King Tides.

The anticipated date in January is the 20th through the 22nd. Don’t fret too much if you can’t get out this way until February, they should return then, around the 18th through the 20th. So, we’ve talked about the when, but let’s focus a little more on the what.

What are King Tides?


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Every year, in early winter, Oregon experiences higher high tides. Called King Tides, these high tides occur when the moon is closest to the earth. This program got its start in Australia in 2009, when they were documenting their highest tide in 18 years.

In 2010 British Columbia and Washington both started documenting their King Tides and a year later Oregon and San Francisco Bay also joined in. In 2012 the East Coast followed suit.


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King Tides | Bay Point Landing Luxury RV Resort




Why do we document King Tides? The why is largely focused around rising sea levels, predicted to rise over the next century. Parts of the Oregon coast are already at low elevations and have a high proximity to the shore line, leaving them vulnerable to flooding due to high water levels.

What happens only several times a year will be more frequent in the future and the King Tides experience is about documenting the higher tides and helping to prepare for rising sea levels and preparing coastal communities to deal with them.

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